Founded and formulated by 54 of the top dermatologists in South Korea, DR.GLODERM’s TabRX Masks and Cream provides a new innovative solution to solve Dry, Aging, Dull and Saggy Skin!

With endorsements from members of T-ARA and BIG BANG, DR.GLODERM has been said to be KPOP’s new Beauty Hack as it contains high quality and high tech ingredients like Celtosomes and Ceramides.

ALL DR.GLODERM products are Dermatologically Approved and certified by the Seoul Cosmetics Association of Dermatologists.

The technology to manufacture the pill cream is patented.

Production of emulsion beads by low-temperature cooling and obtained emulsion beads. This technique is for making solid emulsion beads by dropping ordinary liquid emulsion into cooling refrigerant maintained at 0℃ or below.

This patented technique is for concentrating and maintaining liquid emulsion in high concentration by making beads at low temperature and maintaining their shape at room temperature for developing a new form.

Every DR.GLODERM product has an authenticity mark. This mark prevents fake products from surfacing on the market and the authentic products can be purchased for use with peace of mind.

ALL DR.GLODERM products go through European Union Standard Skin Clinical test. This procedure focuses on the irritability and effectiveness of the products by performing a skin safety test on raw ingredients of DR.GLODERM’s products.