DR.GLODERM TabRX Whitening Cream


A unique combination of moisturizing capsules , preserving the moisture balance of the skin , and Tablett cream formulated to have the same compounds of the facial lipids.

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  • DR.GLODERM TabRX Whitening Cream
    Feature: Whitening
    1. Lightens skin tone and complexion
    2. Enhances radiance of the skin
    3. Lighten the visibility of darks spots and blemish

    – Prescription for Dull Skin, Giving your skin a brighter and more vibrant look
    – A unique skin brightening formula that prevents the synthesis of melanin
    – Tablet cream formulated to have the same compounds as our facial lipids
    – Contains Pearl Protein, an Amino acid from The Tahiti Black Pearl that brightens up facial complexion
    – Contains Glutathione which prevents the synthesis of melanin while correcting dark spots.
    – Contains Celtosome which is the pure concentrated powder obtained via freeze-drying. 1g content contains 100 million plant stem cells which provide ultra-powerful energy.
    – All DR.GLODERM products are Dermatologically Approved and is certified by the Seoul Cosmetics Association of Dermatologists

    How to use
    Take 2 capsules with spatula and melt them by compressing them with your palms. Apply on the face and pat gently to help absorption into the skin. DO NOT eat capsules.

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