DR.GLODERM TabRX Whitening Masks


Innovative two step mask delivering a combination of skin benefits, including preserving the moisture balance of the skin, while rejuvenating the skin with its nourishing capsules

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  • DR.GLODERM TabRX Two Step Whitening Mask (Box of 10 masks)
    Feature: Whitening
    1. Lightens skin tone and complexion
    2. Enhances radiance of the skin
    3. Lighten the visibility of darks spots and blemish

    – Prescription for Dull Skin, giving your skin a brighter and more vibrant look
    – A unique skin brightening formula that prevents the synthesis of melanin
    – Tablet cream formulated to have the same compounds as our facial lipids
    – Contains Pearl Protein, an Amino acid from The Tahiti Black Pearl that brightens up facial complexion
    – Contains Glutathione which prevents the synthesis of melanin while correcting dark spots.
    – Contains Hucell which is formulated to be the same as Body lipid composition to deliver effective ingredients deep into the skin while balancing the moisture and lipid levels.
    – All DR.GLODERM products are Dermatologically Approved and is certified by the Seoul Cosmetics Association of Dermatologists

    How to use
    Wash and cleanse face before applying mask for 20 minutes. Twist the tip of capsule and apply the oil on the face.

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